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Ross Clark 'War against cash' reality check for developers? By Adrian Bridgwater

Cover of  by Ross Clark

Clark argues that we should cling dearly to our notes and coins and protest loudly whenever anyone tries to stop us using them.

“We will regret it if we do not,” he says. “We should boycott businesses that try to ban cash and only accept electronic methods of payment. We should run up bills with them and, if they try to decline cash, go and dump bag-fulls of pennies in the foyers of their head offices. So long as cash remains legal tender they will have to accept it. We should protest when public bodies try to run services cashless.”

The message and the takeaway for programmers, arguably, is… think just a little more about the extreme long term effects of creating a networked IT framework that completely digitises our world, because some of the consequences may end up on our own doorstep.

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