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Making a Simple System and Sticking To It | Robert Carver, Author & Trader

Cover of  by Robert Carver

AUDIO: Robert Carver spends most of his book telling you that he is not a good trader. So why did he devote his life and a whole book to the subject?

Because he believes in systematic trading; making a simple trading system and sticking to it.
In this episode, we dive into his new book and explore why simplicity is the key, people think they are better traders than they are, and so much more.

Thanks for listening and let?s welcome our guest, Robert Carver.

In This Episode, You?ll Learn:

- Why Robert decided to write his new book, Systematic Trading
- Robert reads the preface to his new book
- He explains one of the biggest investing mistakes of his career
- The book that got him interested in the financial industry

?From quite a young age, I was fascinated by computers.? ? Robert Carver (Tweet)

- How he got a job with AHL

?From 2006 to 2013 when I left AHL, it was probably the most exciting period to work in financial markets.? ? Robert Carver (Tweet)

- Why he wrote a book with very little math involved so that he spoke to a large audience

- The 3 types of investors that he defines in the book
- How cognitive biases in humans make them bad traders

?If you use a system with simple rules, you can overcome those cognitive biases.? ? Robert Carver (Tweet)

- Why he spends a lot of his book explaining how bad he is at trading
- Whether trend following and other divergent strategies work or not
- Why sticking to a plan is so important

?You need to make the assumption that the future will be at least a bit like the past.? ? Robert Carver (Tweet)

- How the markets and CTAs will change once the interest rate changes
- The differences between a subjective and an objective system
- Things that people should avoid when creating a trading system
- Why few people have a good handle on overtrading
- Machine learning approaches vs. idea approaches to creating trading programs

?I personally prefer the ideas-first method to creating trading systems.? ? Robert Carver (Tweet)

- How systematic trading adapts

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