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Technical analysis guru unveils book

Cover of  by Barbara Rockefeller and Vicki Schmelzer

Traders seeking new strategies may want to check out the latest book release for forex specialists, written by forex analysts Barbara Rockefeller and Vicki Schmelzer.
Entitled Foreign Exchange Matrix, the book has already had the thumbs up from guest reviewers at international banking groups such as BNY Mellon.
Author Barbara Rockefeller is a recognised technical analysis expert in forex circles. Launching the book, she told IndexTrader that she wanted to answer common currency questions and ensure that retail traders had the same level of understanding in the market as is currently enjoyed by their institutional peers.
She said: ?What determines currency trends and who are the players in the forex arena? Does forex drive other financial
markets, or is it the passive end-product of all the other markets?
?To understand forex is to juggle conditional probabilities in a world where new conditions can assert themselves at any time. Worse, sometimes you have to change an entire core assumption, such as incorporating a factor you thought was external but now clearly part of the mix.
?Institutional and infrastructure failures, for example, come along with depressing regularity throughout history and always affect currency and other prices, but today the pass-through effects are immediate as well as sometimes peculiar, pinballing all over the place.?
Foreign Exchange Matrix is published by Harriman House and is out this month, priced £35.

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