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Cover of  by Adrian Manz

Beat the Street is one of the most popular trading books available today. This new edition is completely updated, packed with timely examples and all the latest insights of author and master trader, Adrian Manz.
Adrian Manz has earned his living as a full-time professional equities trader for the past 15 years. ?Those years,? he says, ?have been characterised by constant learning? ? a statement that should be no surprise to any other traders out there. Somewhat uniquely for a leading professional trader, however, Manz is prepared to share in detail the secrets of what he has learned. In Beat the Street, he reveals with great thoroughness all the strategies and tools that he has used to accomplish his success.
Manz?s trading has evolved significantly over the years, as has his thinking. He has developed a methodology that relies on market dynamics, represented in easy-to-spot patterns, to get him in front of trading opportunities with a high probability of a successful outcome.
He prepares for tomorrow?s trading after the close of trading today. The results of this fastidious planning have been impressive, with a track record over the past six years that does not include a single losing month. There are losing days, and losing weeks, but month over month the strategies that he describes in this book have kept him in business while many of his contemporaries have been less fortunate.
Manz says his goal with this book is to teach the reader a consistent and conservative methodology for trading the financial markets. He has used the exact patterns and methods presented in its pages for 15 years to generate consistent trading results. Consistency is the key to survival in trading. Manz believes that by studying each chapter carefully, and internalising the spirit, cause and effect of each pattern, you will be better positioned to achieve consistency than 99% of the people who attempt to trade for a living.

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