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Cover of  by Catherine Stott

Trader, prospective trader or even if you have no intention of ever trading ? read this book!

In HypnoTrading, Catherine Stott has produced a masterpiece for all traders. However, we see her book as being equally useful whether you are trading, operating a business, managing people or just looking to get more out of life. Frankly, Ms Stott could have directed her work towards people operating in just about any field or to the general population. We are just extremely lucky that she has chosen to market her face to face services towards the trading community.

HypnoTrading is a well written, easily read and very practical guide to the application of what are now mainstream techniques including self-hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and Havening. The book tackles specific, common trading issues ? such as dealing with losing trades. These simply form great examples of the techniques described in the book and are easily applicable to a far wider range of issues.

The overall structure of Hypnotrading has been carefully considered. There are three main parts to the book. The first is a very practical guide to the techniques; what they are, how they work and step by step guides on how to use them. The second part is essentially a range of examples of how the techniques can be put to work to address common psychology based trading issues. The third part usefully takes things a little further. It is designed to provide personal development through a range of seven highly successful techniques such as visualisation and using affirmations.

Catherine Stott?s background as a psychologist shines through in the structure and layout of the book. The use of short, pithy sections interspersed with callouts containing tips, numbered lists, and similar devices make the book very readable. The structure also makes the work easy to use as a reference guide after it has been read.

Author Catherine Stott says:

?All traders, whether city traders, home-based or those trading part-time around other jobs, have it within them to be successful. It is about what success means to them personally. For some, it?s being mega-rich, for others, it is having a comfortable life-style while working fewer hours and for others, it?s about building up additional income ready for when they retire.Traders generally struggle less with the technical aspects of trading but more with the mindset.This book is all about working on mindset.?

HypnoTrading explores some self-help solutions to make the mindset of traders more positive, helping to control emotions and enhance the ability to deal with common psychological issues.

Catherine continues:

?Having spent years working with traders, I have developed insight, knowledge and methods that I not only use with clients, but they can also use themselves. I wanted to address some of the key problem areas for traders; fear, anxiety, negative self-talk and coping with losing trades. But I also wanted it to be more than just problem solving ? I wanted to provide traders with some methods for building their trading careers in a positive manner. So I wrote the third section of the book on confidence and motivation, visualisation, goal planning, etc. to make it an essential for all traders and to be a practical self-help guide that they can use as often as they need.?

HypnoTrading features a wide range of practical techniques and activities, which have been designed specifically to combat the psychological challenges faced by traders.

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