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Book Review ? Startup Kit by Emma Jones

Cover of  by Emma Jones

With £400 worth of benefits, this book sells itself without the need for the advice it contains. This is a shame, because the accompanying book is a wealth of valuable information that eclipses the attached offers.

Identifying itself as ?Everything you need to start a small business? is a bold claim, but you wouldn?t bet against the author Emma Jones, who has written similar books (Go Global, Working 5 to 9, Spare Room Startup) on this subject. It seems that her mission in life is to spread the word that the aim of starting a small business is well within the reach of those people who once thought it impossible.

The Startup Kit is set out in a simple, but effective way. There is no space left undisturbed to provide a titbit of salient business advice, or suggestions for further places to look, or for technology that might make your life easier. There is even a section at the back of the book that provides a selection of sample templates for all of the supporting work that you are going to need to do, to make your business work.

The jewel in the crown of the kit are the offers that are contained in the pack. For the purchase price of the book, there are offers with Blackberry, Google, Experian and others that will make life just that little bit easier when you are manically trying to get your business going and have little spare capacity to think about yet another thing.

The style of the book fits in with the two other books that Emma has written, and this book more than continues the trend for easy to read, sensible advice for the would-be entrepreneur. With ideas about how to market your ideas, generate sales, and deal with the inevitable interest of the taxman, this book is as close to being the perfect startup book. For the would be entrepreneur, this is an essential purchase.

There is only one thing that Emma Jones does not do ? she can?t give you your business idea. You?ll have to think of that yourself.

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