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Why You Should Never Trade A Stock On An Empty Stomach

Cover of  by Daniel Crosby

By understanding some of the latest behavioral investing research, you may improve your investment performance. However, it’s not quite as simple as you may think. In his new book, aptly titled The Behavioral Investor, Dr Daniel Crosby, reviews the field of behavioral investing, consolidating many studies to present a holistic view of an important area of investing research...

The book The Behavioral Investor is a useful summary of an increasingly important field of investing. Our brains have not evolved fast enough to make us expert in many investment decisions, and being aware of these short-comings may help us, not to knock it out of the park as investors, but to avoid various more obvious mistakes that can often hurt our wealth. Perhaps the most revealing insights from behavioral investing is that our brains are completely unaware of some of these basic decision-making errors, even right at the time we are making them.

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