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Summer Reads for Investors

Cover of  by John Stepek

John Stepek is the executive editor of Money Week magazine and anyone who subscribes to the magazine or its daily email alerts will be familiar with his style and views.
He is what one might call a healthy sceptic, rather than a cynical one; which is what makes this book so readable and useful. His 20 year knowledge of investment markets and talking to, and interviewing, investment professionals informs this book. It is practical and well written with lots of good simple advice; as well as peppered with healthy examples.
This is a book well
worth buying for anyone who wants to take their investing to another level. And in this period where many so-called professional experts are wringing
their hands over some investment funds, which have not performed quite as they should, Stepek’s scepticism is a healthy antidote to much of the ill- informed comment.
On this reading, more scepticism should be the order of the day.

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