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Mastering Betfair

Cover of  by Pete Nordsted

New to Betfair

Betfair has grown to be one of the biggest online betting and trading sites in the world. With hundreds of bets per second they can certainly show that their site has something that keeps their customers coming back. Popularity of trading (backing and laying) has grown rapidly in recent years. Many people start off by betting fixed odds on Betfair?s great prices, then gradually progress to trading in the markets. This is where they start to make real money! However most people don?t know where to start with Betfair trading. To make a regular profit you have to have a serious and disciplined approach to trading and really plan what you are going to do.

Mastering Betfair

?Mastering Betfair? is a great new book that helps a typical Betfair beginner make consistent wins using low-risk betting strategies and methods. You don?t just have to be a sports fan either. The methods demonstrated can be used equally to make money through financial trading which is often considered the hidden corner of the betting industry.

The book

?Mastering Betfair? helps take a normal fan?s enthusiasm for the sport and applies it to make a great income from betting on that sport. What more could be better than making money from something that you love! The book is full of solid helpful advice, and it is simple enough for the complete beginner to understand. The author doesn?t make any wild claims. He knows how to lead the reader into easy to follow examples that are well thought out and easy to follow. You will be left with a thirst to give it a go yourself.

Great value

The book offers great value as well. At around £14.00, once you get going you will be winning the value of the book back many times over. If you enjoy betting and want to take it further, this book could be what you are looking for. A nice addition to the betting guide market that really focuses on pushing beginners to the next level of success!

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