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The Luck Factor

Cover of  by Max Gunther

LUCK!! LUCKY OR UNLUCKY? CREATE YOUR OWN LUCK? WELL MAYBE WE HAVE THE ANSWERS HERE! Whether you believe in it or not, ?luck? is often mentioned as a positive influence on the careers or fortunes of the brave and successful and the opposite for those who didn?t make it or had incredible reversals of fortune. The BIG QUESTION that we all want answered is, of course, how to create our own amazing luck, so read on?.

When I first picked up this book, a saying sprang to mind used by a fortune teller I saw on television some years ago ? ?Think Lucky and You?ll Be Lucky?. I?ve certainly found this to be true and could write a book about it, but let?s focus on The Luck Factor for now ? a book so good that it had to be reborn for a new generation and promises you at the start no need to consult oracles or magic to generate your own luck.

The author?s first words sum it up ? ?Prepare yourself for a strange journey?. This is not an academic book but a look at real life. The Luck Factor is brought alive by the author?s real (and often amazing) examples of both good and bad luck and the systematic approach of his quest to find answers and explanations to help us, including examining in some detail true stories experiences of hundreds of people, rich and poor, as well as investigating the nature of twins - with surprising results. You?ll discover serial winners and loses and that money isn?t everything. Charms, signs and portents, you?ll find we often receive warnings but many don?t recognise them ? too busy ?doing? sometimes, rather than ?being?, at least now and again.

Beginning his quest with ?The Breaks?; Max goes on to explore many scientific and then occult and mystical ?tries? and theories including ?Randomness?; Psychic? and ?Synchronicity?; before detailing the nature of ?The Luck Adjustment?. Here are your answers and directions, including developing your own ?Spiderweb Structure? and ?Hunching Skill?; why and how ?Audentes Fortuna Juvat?, (Fortune Favours the Bold [and ?Brave?] plus the nature of the ?Ratchet Effect?. Throughout the book is packed with fascinating real life experiences of incredible luck but also amazing misfortune in his clear attempt to analyse and find ways to help us be more lucky and if possible to create our own good fortune.

Closing with the ?Pessimism Paradox? is an interesting touch, an eye-opener. I don?t want to spoil your read so no details here! But if it?s true? I?m seeing everyone in a whole new light! Max?s luck seems to have favoured him, with his other and no less diverting classic, ?The Zurich Axioms? yet another bestseller.

The Luck Factor is that promised 'strange journey' but better still, a fascinating read, whichever ?luck? camp you sit in ? or outside even. What I?d like to see next? Given the changing world; ?global warming?; the ?credit crunch? and all the other major excitements we?re experiencing, an updated Luck Factor for the 21st Century.

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