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Copywriting Is…

30-or-so thoughts on thinking like a copywriter

By Andrew Boulton and Giles Edwards
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About the Authors

Andrew Boulton

Andrew Boulton is a copywriter and lecturer in creative advertising.

He has written for brands and agencies across the UK and far beyond (some very big ones, plenty of tiny ones) and writes a copywriting column for The Drum.

Giles Edwards

Giles Edwards is the founder of Gasp, the award-winning marketing agency that’s been “fearless and inventive” (The Drum) and hell-bent on making its clients more profitable for more than 10 years.

A student of Professor Mark Ritson, Giles believes in “proper (timeless) Marketing”; tactics change, people don’t. And its vital role in the Boardroom. He rants about this and more, ... Read more on Giles Edwards

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Copywriting is easy. Copywriting is hard. It’s frustrating, rewarding, draining, thrilling and, in almost every way, a lot of fun.

It’s also the job Andrew Boulton has been doing, writing about, and teaching others to do, for more than 10 years.

Now, he’s gathered up all the experiences, observations, lessons, fleeting successes and crushing failures he’s accumulated in that time to help copywriters, new and old, come to terms with the baffling life of an alphabet wrangler.

Professional Reviews

Andrew writes a love letter to copywriting. Not a how-to, but a how and why we write. For copywriters, it puts our sometimes inexplicable thoughts and behaviours around writing into wonderful words. For non-copywriters, it’s a beautiful account of the parts of the process you don’t see or understand. This is a book I’ll read again and again. Vikki Ross, Copy Chief

The book I wish I’d read when I was starting out as a copywriter, why is it so late? Sue Higgs, Group Creative Director

Copywriting is... wonderfully enigmatic, if this book is any indication. By drawing attention to the more intangible elements of our craft – with references ranging from Philip Larkin to Lethal Weapon – Andrew has put together a treatise quite unlike anything else out there. And perhaps unsurprisingly, it comes packaged in an effortlessly eloquent turn of phrase. I wish I’d written it. Ryan Wallman, Creative Director, Head of Copy & Author of Delusions of Brandeur

What to write about a book on copywriting? I read it (in one sitting). My mind wandered (a good thing according to the author). I learned two new words (eremitic and sesquipedalian). I searched up two of the sources (and plan to go back to the many useful-sounding ones). I think you should read this book (at least once a year, for the rest of your life). Diane Young, Co-founder & CEO of The Drum

If you love losing yourself in long copy, dip in! Jane Evans, Creative, Activist & Keynote Speaker

Copywriting is as troublesome a word as it is a profession. It is, as you’ll discover in Andrew’s excellent book, a great many things. But it is also not a thing. It is a contradiction, a shared illusion. In truth, there are just different combinations of words and sentences. Some persuade you to feel something, some don’t. What makes Andrew’s book so enjoyable is that the words and sentences he combines to describe our shared illusion are so effective, they might just persuade you it’s real. Glenn Fisher, Author of The Art of the Click

Packed to the gunwales with witty observations, valuable insights and timeless advice, Copywriting is… is a warts ‘n’ all interrogation into the different lives, minds and worlds of copywriters today. Perfect for junior writers and experienced wordsmiths alike, it’s an inspiring, entertaining and addictive read. Gyles Lingwood, Author of Read Me

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