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The Choice Factory: The danger of confirmation bias and how to avoid it

Cover of  by Richard Shotton

The danger of confirmation bias is just one of the topics in Richard Shotton's new book, The Choice Factory, as he explains in this excerpt for Campaign.
Features an excerpt from the book:

Advertisers, therefore, have two options. The recommended route is to apply the process of marketing triage and avoid targeting rejecters and heavy buyers.

A riskier alternative is to convert this resistant audience by reaching them at moments of distraction or with oblique and incidental detail. Whether that turns out to be brave or foolhardy depends on the execution.

Another reason why entrenched opinions are so hard to shift is that most people are overly confident in their abilities.

Since people tend to think they’re cleverer than average there’s a tendency to ignore contrary opinions from other people. The bias of overconfidence is the subject of another chapter.

Richard Shotton is deputy head of evidence at Manning Gottlieb OMD. His book, The Choice Factory: 25 behavioural biases that influence what we buy, is published by Harriman House


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