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Ashbrook Live with Iceland's Secret

Cover of  by Jared Bibler

With stock markets at historic highs, memories of the 2008 crash are in the air again. Heady markets can hide a multitude of sins. One of the biggest from the '08 era is only now being fully told. In his new page-turner Iceland's Secret: The Untold Story of the World's Biggest Con, top investigator Jared Bibler unveils the astonishing story of how little Iceland's top bankers took the whole country - and a sizable chunk of the wider world of global finance - on a wild and disastrous ride to crazy financial heights and, ultimately, ruin. Bibler led the team that uncovered Iceland's bad-to-the-bone corruption. Now he tells the whole story, at a moment when we would all do well to be on guard again.

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