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The Valuation Book

How to value businesses and shares – an introductory guide for investors, managers and more

By Mark Aleksanyan , Kenneth Lee , Matthias Meitner , Neil Pande
Cover of The Valuation Book (Paperback) by Kenneth Lee, Mark Aleksanyan, Matthias Meitner and Neil Pande Cover of The Valuation Book (Ebook - phone) by Kenneth Lee, Mark Aleksanyan, Matthias Meitner and Neil Pande Cover of The Valuation Book (Ebook - tablet) by Kenneth Lee, Mark Aleksanyan, Matthias Meitner and Neil Pande

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About the Authors

Mark Aleksanyan

Dr Mark Aleksanyan is a Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance at the Adam Smith Business School of the University of Glasgow. His main expertise and research interests are in the areas of financial analysis and equity valuation, as well as information processing and decision-making of capital market actors. His research has been published in a number of leading international accounting and ... Read more on Mark Aleksanyan

Kenneth Lee

Dr Kenneth Lee is a professor at Loughborough Business School in the UK. Prior to that he was an associate professorial lecturer at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Before academia Kenneth was a Managing Director & Head of European Equity Research at Barclays Capital. Prior to this he was also a Managing Director and a ranked accounting and valuation analyst at Citi ... Read more on Kenneth Lee

Matthias Meitner

Dr Meitner is the managing partner of VALUESQUE, a consultancy firm that focuses on business valuations and financial analysis. He also serves as a publicly appointed and sworn expert for business valuation (verified by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry). Matthias has more than 20 years of practical and research experience in business valuation and in the analysis of financial ... Read more on Matthias Meitner

Neil Pande

Neil is a financial training consultant based in London.

Most recently Neil was a Senior Instructor at the UBS Research Academy where as part of the number-one-ranked Fundamental Analytics team he was integral in building an EdTech platform consisting of hundreds of audio, video and immersive ebook digital assets, including the “Build Better Models” manual, aimed primarily at buy-side ... Read more on Neil Pande

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The Valuation Book contains the tools needed by anyone who wants to make a robust valuation of a business.

No detailed prior knowledge of business valuation is required – the book covers everything you need to know, including how to read relevant parts of company accounts and the valuation tools (including DCF and multiples) that are used by professionals.

Written by academics who are also practitioners, The Valuation Book provides a unique mix of theory and practical application. It is designed around the authors’ experience of teaching thousands of people about valuation principles over the last two decades.

Short, accessible chapters with a consistent structure and layout allow readers to build up their knowledge step by step.

And the book is fully up to date, with accessible specialist chapters on integrating ESG into valuations, valuing immature companies, identifying flaws in valuation models, valuation for mergers and acquisitions, and more.

The Valuation Book is a comprehensive introductory valuation guide for investors, managers, accountants, lawyers and anyone else who needs to value a business.

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